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The Strath Club Field

Joining a flying club provides so many benefits, it will actually save you money in the long term:

Buddy boxing allows an instructor to connect his transmitter to yours, via a cable. If you get into difficulty with your model, the instructor can instantly take control and prevent a crash.

​These 3 steps will turn you into an RC flyer quickly, with as few crashes as possible!
​Fly at a dedicated flying field, with few obstacles like trees and a good landing strip. Get lots of free advice on what equipment and models to get and where from. You're insured against injury to yourself or others. Learn to fly on buddy box with the club instructor, using your model or the club trainer model. Plus lots of other benefits like getting qualified (bronze wings), fun flys, night flying sessions, competitions, social events, indoor flying, slope soaring and gliding.

Step 3  Join a Flying Club

Step 2  Flight Simulator Software

It's much cheaper to crash a virtual model!

Step 1 The Transmitter

​Why crash real models when you can crash virtual ones!

Connect your transmitter to your computer via USB and fly. Flight simulator software is brilliant for training your brain so that control of your model becomes natural.
​Even experienced RC pilots use flight simulator software to practice, plus you can download new models to the software and try different models before you buy. Practice for a week or two and then you're ready to fly. Good flight simulators include Great Planes RealFlight, Pheonix.
Before you buy an aircraft you need to consider your transmitter (the radio control).  If you think you will enjoy RC flying then it is worth investing in a quality transmitter, you will end up buying one anyway, so you might as well save a few dollars and get it at the start. Our members use a selection of equipment including Spectrum, JR, Futaba, Hitec and FRSky.
Generally the more you spend on a transmitter, the more Channels you get. Each channel controls a function on your model e.g. throttle, ailerons, elevator, rudder, flaps, retractable gear, smoke, bomb drops, lights etc. So bear in mind that getting a transmitter with only 4 or 5 channels channels will limit the types of models you can fly.

​Also, buying a transmitter that is programable and has multiple model memories will save you a lot of hassle. If you learn RC flying, you will end up with a few models... A transmitter with model memories and programming allows you to easily adjust settings and switch between models, with those settings saved.

Models can be expensive and RC flying is tricky at first, its a skill not unlike learning a musical instrument. So what ís the best way to learn to fly model aircraft without spending a fortune on replacing crashed models?

The SMAC Beginners Guide to RC Aircraft Flying. 
This guide provides advice on learning to fly model aircraft with as few crashes as possible.